Friday July 26, 2019


Kingston, Jamaica: Generation 2000 (G2K) the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is calling for the Leader of the Opposition to be held accountable for misleading the Parliament about Government’s policy regarding Credit Cards for Ministers of Government.

While addressing the lower house Dr. Phillips questioned if it was standard practice for Ministers to be issued credit cards. He went on further to state that, “…Ministers were prohibited from being issued with credit cards.” However, the record shows that there have been longstanding guidelines that permit Ministers of Government to hold and use Government funded credit cards.

G2K President, Mr. Stephen Edwards stated, “Dr. Peter Phillips, having been in government for such a long time should be fully aware of long-standing Government Policy that allows Ministers to have Government funded credit cards. His statements were therefore disingenuous at best and have misled Parliament. A strong signal should be sent to show that it is not acceptable for any Member of Parliament to mislead the house and the people of Jamaica in such a disgraceful fashion.

The record shows that at first Government guidelines only permitted Ministers, departments, agencies and public bodies to have credit cards. However, the guidelines were later expanded to include individuals such as Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Agencies and Heads of Departments.

The misdirection and misinformation about government issued credit cards has consumed a lot of precious time and has served as a distraction from important business. The opposition cannot be allowed to cause such mischief without being held accountable,” said Mr. Ryan Strachan, G2K Vice President.

Generation 2000 is calling for the matter to be addressed at the next sitting and for appropriate sanctions to be applied.

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